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KV the Running Machine Continues to Prepare for London 2023

Following a short period out of action through injury, Kelly is back to her gruelling training regime in readiness for the London Marathon on 23rd April 2023.

When asked about her progress with only a few weeks remaining before the big race, Kelly commented "Training has become not only more physically tough with an average weekly mileage of 35 miles plus, but also the mental battle of overcoming a bad hip strain injury has been very testing. After running 13 miles on a Saturday and then playing a football game on the Sunday, I paid the price of over training, and could barely walk for the following week. This lead to a solid 2 weeks of sports massage, rehabilitation sessions in the gym, and zero running.

However, with these painfully long hours in the gym doing mere stretching, I could finally begin to training again! Now I am back, more dedicated than ever, and although the set back may not make this marathon my fastest, it’s definitely the one I will learn the most from."

Upcoming this week. are... 7, 11 and 18 mile runs!"

We are extremely proud of the time and energy that Kelly is investing in preparing to raise money for Horizons. As race date approaches, the need for your valued donations is increasing. Please visit the JustGiving page via the link below to make your donation, no matter how small.

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