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Kelly Competes in London Marathon 2023 in Support of Horizons Charitable Organisation

As part of Redhammer’s continued commitment to engage with and support the local communities within which we work, we are delighted to announce our partnership with fundraiser Kelly Vinnicombe. Kelly is an energetic and enthusiastic post-graduate, who is a keen supporter of local charitable organisations, devoting a large proportion of her spare time raising funds for worthy causes.

Over the next twelve months, Kelly plans to take part in a series of marathons and half-marathons in support of a number of charitable groups. She will be kicking-off her campaign by competing in this year's London Marathon, on 23rd April. And we are very proud to be championing Kelly in her attempt to raise money for the extremely important North London charity, Horizons.

Kelly has chosen Horizons as her preferred charitable partner in her first event of 2023, because of the sterling work it carries out in enhancing the hopes and dreams of disadvantaged young people. Founded in 2022 by Haringey Education Partnership, Horizons strives to create a fairer, more equal start in life for children and young people. They do this by establishing exciting and long-term opportunities for kids to engage in sports, creative arts, academia, technology, mentoring and outdoor activities outside of school. Horizons is an inclusive organisation, which places anti-racism at the centre of their operation. Working in some of the most deprived areas of North London, the team at Horizons have set about attempting to inspire and change young lives for the better.

We look forward to following Kelly on her journey, and will provide further updates on her progress, as she continues her training and prepares for the big run.

If you can, please support Kelly by making a donation to Horizons via the Just Giving page below.

Good luck, Kelly!

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